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TLC Year in Review - December 2013


The Year in Review


Progress in Research, Treatment & Outreach


Change is Happening!

Thanks to the TLC community, things are changing for BFRB-sufferers around the globe. It's not easy to make progress when your cause struggles with lack of awareness, shame, and a scarcity of resources.  Over 15,000 people subscribe to TLC's elerts -- yet TLC has only 2,000 contributing Members.   With your support we can do even more.


Skin Picking Disorder became an official disorder in the DSM-5

The millions of Skin Pickers suffering around the globe finally have official recognition and a much better chance of being properly diagnosed -- and given effective treatment.  Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder) now has a choice of names, more accurate classification and diagnostic criteria.   People like you made this happen by participating in our 5-year advocacy campaign with the DSM-5 workgroups.


Research leading to better treatments  

Your donations to TLC's Research Programs are supporting more studies than ever before seeking improved treatments and a cure for BFRB disorders. This year, the TLC Research Consortium met its 5-year goal of including 400 subjects in TLC's Genetics Biobank. Thanks to TLC Members, this crucial resource - DNA, cell lines and clinical data - is freely available to researchers around the world.


Effective Treatment became more accessible

Thirty-eight clinicians from 24 states and Canada graduated from TLC's 3-day Professional Training Institute in November.  In 2013, we added Continuing Education to our Virtual Professional Training Program, which will encourage many more TLC-trained clinicians in the year ahead. TLC's Expert Consensus Treatment Guidelines now exceeds 68,000 all-time downloads! Effective treatment information is reaching thousands of providers around the world.


Outreach efforts reduce shame and isolation

TLC Members participated in an outreach campaign that reached 10,000 school counselors with specialized online resources.  TLC's awareness posters in NYC buses were viewed 17.5 million times! This year, participation in BFRB Awareness Week exceeded all expectations, and we celebrate a growing community of BFRB advocates.  Pullers and pickers are speaking out in their communities, self-publishing books and blogs and videos, and sharing our stories like never before.   Thanks to our supporters, thousands of pullers and pickers find TLC's helpful resources every day.

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