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Dear ?Friends,

This holiday season, I’m asking you to please support the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF).   NAAF's Legislative Liaison program has helped empower not only me but my 6-year-old daughter Erynn, who has alopecia areata and accompanied me to my very first meeting with our congressman. 


We were there to ask Representative Frank LoBiondo whether he would be the initial Republican co-sponsor for the Cranial Prosthetic Medicaid Coverage Enhancement Act authored by Democratic Representative Jared Huffman, and my little princess Erynn took the entire meeting into her own hands!  The congressman was touched by Erynn's knowledge of alopecia areata, as well as her personal experience with being teased and bullied, and asked what he could do to help.  This is when I presented him with detailed information from NAAF.  Representative LoBiondo said, "For me this particular bill now has a face, one that I will never forget." 
I feel that this is a positive step towards getting this bill signed into law, which will mean a brighter future for all of those it will help.  NAAF empowered both my young daughter and myself to make the ask, to take charge of our destiny, and their work ensures many others like us to do the same.  

Please give to NAAF today so they can continue empowering others throughout the alopecia areata community.

Wishing you the very happiest of holidays,


Lauren Onley
NAAF Legislative Liaison




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