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Strategies and Supplies for Students (of any age), Parents and Educators 



"Most children with (BFRBs -1) experience some resumption of the behavior during the first quarter of the school year," says TLC Scientific Advisory Board members Suzanne Mouton-Odum, PhD, and Ruth Goldfinger Golomb, MEd, LCPC. Teens, college students and adults with BFRBs may also experience an increase in these behaviors as schedules fill up and pressures mount.  


How to cope? Planning and preparation can significantly ease the transition from long summer days to busy fall schedules.  TLC has helpful tools and resources for coping with BFRBs, plus books, fiddles and educational materials to smooth the transition to a more hectic time of year. Keep reading for links to these resources, plus a coupon for back-to-school supplies and more from the TLC Store! 


-1 BFRBs, or body-focused repetitive behaviors, include trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder),  excoriation (skin picking) disorder, compulsive nail biting and similar behaviors.






Educator Resources


Get professional advice and downloadable handouts for teachers, guidance counselors and other school personnel at


Printable Fact Sheets for School Staff & Families:

Patient FAQ: Hair Pulling Disorder

Patient FAQ: Skin Picking Disorder

Professional Advice and Information

Help! My Student is Pulling / Picking Resource article for educational professionals, includes expert tips.

Straight from the Heart: An inspiring 8-minute video of school-age children talking about trichotillomania. A great resource for staff meetings or classroom presentations.






Shop Tools for School

Courage Critters - a special friend designed to help children learn to control their BFRB.

Stock up on fiddles, awareness resources and more while helping to supportTLC! Purchases from fund TLC outreach and education programs. 


Sensory-stimulating pencil grips, pens and pencils can help kids in class by serving as school-friendly fiddles. We've also added some new all-natural rubber stress balls, new flip-mitten sleeve tops for toddlers (sizes to 6T!), and the adorable Courage Critters -created by BFRB, trichotillomania and dermatillomania expert treatment provider, Dr. Renae Reinardy. 






More Articles and Resources

Help Yourself: A Self-Help Program for BFRBs

Here are a few more favorites:

Surviving BFRBs in College

Skin Picking Strategies

Treating the Whole Person: A Personal User's Guide

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