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TLC - June 2017
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Our mission at TLC is to help people overcome and heal from body-focused repetitive behaviors. At, you'll find many resources to support you and your loved ones in this endeavor. Here are some of our favorites: 
Find a Therapist
TLC provides a referral listing of therapists who have identified themselves as knowledgeable of BFRBs and best treatment practices. 
Look out for providers with the tags 
"Graduate of TLC's Professional Training Instituteor 
"Graduate of TLC's Virtual Training Institute.These clinicians have deepened their knowledge of BFRB treatments by participating in an intensive training program facilitated by members of TLC's Scientific Advisory Board
Find a Service Provider
Going to a hair salon can be daunting for some BFRB sufferers. TLC maintains a referral directory of BFRB-friendly salons, cosmetologists, estheticians, and other personal care providers. We also have links to online counseling and support services. 
Find Support
Reaching out to others who understand what you are going through can be a crucial element to healing and recovery. If you don't live close to a support group, there are many fantastic online and telephone based groups. 
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TLC member support is the foundation that makes our programs and services possible. When you become a TLC Member with your donation of $45 or more, you receive many benefits, including exclusive access to hundreds of articles, videos, and our extensive webinar archive, in the members-only section of our website. 

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We are continuously adding more resources, so please check back often!

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